Lifesaving Courses

The Health and Safety Executive’s publication of managing health and safety in swimming pools places great responsibility on employers and mangers of swimming pools no matter what size the swimming pool.  It takes approximately a couple of inches of water for a person to drown. This could be the shallow end of a swimming pool or simply the standing water on the cover of a spa or Jacuzzi. Shallow water swimming pools can be particularly vulnerable to shallow water spinal incidents and it is essential there is trained personnel to handle this type of situation.


The Pool Lifeguard is a five day course designed to train delegates in advanced pool rescue techniques. Typically the Pool Lifeguard qualification is applicable to those working in swimming pools of a depth of 1.5 meters or above.

Pool Emergency Responder

The Pool Responder qualification much like its sister the Pool Lifeguard qualification aims to train delegates in pool rescue techniques. Typically the Pool Responder qualification is applicable to swimming pools of a depth below 1.5 meters such as hotel swimming pools.

Safety Award For Teachers

The Safety Award for Teachers qualification is a 1 day introductory course to basic water safety and rescue techniques. The Safety Award for Teachers is essential to obtaining comprehensive insurance when teaching aquatics, or teaching around water.