Fire Safety & Training

Under the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and the associated Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006 if you are a landowner, landlord, or occupier of a premises then you are responsible for fire safety. You are known as the “Responsible Person”.

As the “The Responsible Person” you must:

  • Carry out a fire Risk assessment of the premises and review it regularly.
  • Tell staff of their representatives about the risks you have identified.
  • Put in place and maintain, appropriate fire safety measures,
  • Plan for an emergency,
  • Provide staff information, fire safety instruction and training.

BSM Training and Consultancy with our associates will help you find out exactly what it is you need to do as an employer to stay compliant.  Fire training can be for employers or anyone who just wants to know how to stay safe if the unthinkable happens. Our fire training courses give you practical hands on experience.

Fire Awareness Training

A half day course giving an overview of the dangers surrounding fire, measures we can take to prevent fires from occurring, and how to respond to a fire in the workplace.

Fire Warden Training

This half day course covers all aspects of how to take charge during a Fire evacuation in a safe and controlled manner. Ideal for anyone who is a designated fire marshal or fire warden within the workplace.

Fire Risk Assessments

Conducting a fire risk assessment for your business is a legal requirement. BSM Training and Consultancy can assess your business and put the relative control measures in place and conduct any training that is required to ensure your business is protected and compliant.