Workshops / Seminars / Continued CPD

Be qualified, save a life

BSM Training and Consultancy offer a wide range of training packages, workshops, and seminars that aim to update and keep fresh first aid skill sets. It is common for lots of workplaces to go long spells without any serious incidents, therefore processes and procedures are often forgotten until something occurs. We aim to ensure that everyone is ready if the unthinkable does occur.


Workshops / Seminars / Continued CPD


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What Matters to you?

What is it that matters to you? We deliver seminars and workshops on a wide array of topics relating to First Aid/Safety around water/Health and Safety/Fire Safety and more.

These Seminars and Workshops are tailored to cover the things that are important to you. Some of our most popular Seminars and Workshops consist of brief awareness of critical illness or injury at work with a basic introduction into CPR or Basic Life Support (BLS). Others are tailored for small leisure pools where we deliver CPD training in basic safety around a swimming pool and rescue techniques. For more information or to have a chat to see how we can assist you contact us directly. We are happy to help.


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