FIRST AID Supplies

Be qualified, save a life

Having the correct provisions in place for first aid in the workplace is a legal responsibility of any employer. Your first steps are to assess your specific requirements and then choose a first aid kit suitable of fulfilling those requirements. we have a complete range of first aid kits and supplies for every environment. Whether it is a new first aid kit for the office or individual items to replenish the first aid stock room you will be sure to find what you are looking for.

Our Supplies


Fully Stocked Work Place First Aid Kits of all sizes
Fully Stocked Sport First Aid Kits
Fully Stocked Paediatric First Aid Kits
Fully Stocked Travel First Aid Kits
First Aid Refill Kits

Individual Items

Ice Packs
Wound Dressings (All Sizes)
Emergency Blankets
Resuscitation Face shields/Pocket Masks
Eye Wash
Eye bath Stations
Sterile Wipes
Sharps and Clinical Waste Bags/Bins
Item Specific Bulk Buy options