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Asbestos is extremely common in various 20th century builds, particularly in structures erected prior to 1985 (when amphibole asbestos was banned). Serpentine (white) asbestos, referred to as Chrysotile, was used up until 1999 in the UK, before finally being banned also. This statement alone solidifies the need for asbestos inspections in all buildings constructed prior to the year 1999.

As per regulation 4 of CAR 2012, the duty holder (person in charge of the building), has a responsibility to manage all asbestos containing materials within the building. This applies to all non-domestic properties as well as common areas of residential buildings, where tradesmen/maintenance staff may potentially be working. 

BSM Training and Consultancy’s team of associates have expert surveyors trained in identifying and sampling asbestos in buildings. Our list of available surveys includes Management, Refurbishment and Demolition surveys, as well as re-inspection surveys which should be carried out annually. More information on these surveys can be found below.

Management Surveys:

This is a non-intrusive survey type that allows any immediate surface asbestos containing materials (ACMs) to be identified and managed, reducing the risk of such materials being damaged by people carrying out their daily work activities. All non-domestic properties are required by law to have an asbestos register, identifying all areas containing asbestos that are an immediate risk. Such registers should be shown to any person working within the property; a management survey will compile the asbestos register, the first stage of managing your asbestos.

Management Plans:

Following a management survey, the next step is to compile your asbestos management plan. This document will show, in depth, the actions you should/are taking to manage asbestos within your property, such as labelling the materials with hazard warning labels. It will form part of your overall risk assessment for the property.

Re-Inspection Surveys:

All ACMs within non-domestic properties should be re-inspected by a competent trained professional, on an annual basis (as a minimum). Higher risk asbestos containing materials (ACMs) should be re-inspected every 3-6 months. This survey is crucial in managing your asbestos as it identifies damage, where remedial/ removal works may be required.

Refurbishment Surveys:

Refurbishment surveys are intrusive inspections that are carried out to targeted areas of buildings. Such surveys are completed by referring to the scope of works documents, provided by the client. This survey should always be carried out prior to commencement of such planned works, to identify any possible hidden asbestos containing materials (ACMs).

Demolition Surveys:

Pre-demolition surveys require a fully intrusive back-to-brick inspection, to identify any, and all asbestos containing materials (ACMs) within a property, prior to demolition. We highly recommend that such surveys should also be carried out within domestic properties also, as the risk remains.

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